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Сообщение29.10.2009 в 12:01 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: We are changing to a new advertising format

How is the new advertising format going to look?

Our new advertising format is the standard 728 x 90 px format and offers a larger selection of advertisement campaigns.

Why are we changing to a new advertising format, and how will you benefit from more advertising campaigns?

- There are more professional and altogether more advertisement campaigns available.
- The advertisement of your homepage is now easier and better.

How and what will be changed?

The previous advertising format (728 x 15 px) used on your site will now be changed with the new (728 x 90 px) format.

If you registered after 29.09.2009 then you already have the new advertising format.

If you have registered before this date then you have the option of testing out the new advertising format by going to the login area at "Выбрать дизайн ". In this test mode you can see if your website works well with the new advertising format, and if not, you can adjust your layout. Once you have done this you can implement the new advertising format by yourself.

On 05.11.2009 we will automatically switch all websites over to the new format. For the last four months we have successfully test the new advertising format.

Have fun with the webme website-builder and your website!

Your webme website-builder team
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