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Заголовок сообщения: Deactivate advertising - your website ad-free!

We have great News! Finally you can have your website ad-free! Get the new Premium Package Ad-free!

ru.gg remains free of charge, therefore advertising appears on your website. If you are bothered by the advertising you can purchase the Premium Package "Ad-free" here. The advertising will then disappear from your website, the forum and the admin panel.

Find out howto get the Premium Package in three easy steps at:
Deactivate advertising - your website ad-free!

You can get the Premium Package for an introductory price of only 29.90 Euro instead of 34.80 Euro in the first year. Additionally we give you the setup fee for nothing! Get the Premium Package at:

Any questions? Checkout the FAQ to find an answer!
Or write us an e-mail to premium-en@webme.com.

Your ru.gg-team

P.S.: Of course the website-builder remains free of charge furthermore.
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