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Сообщение04.02.2013 в 08:40 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: Bugfix: IP Block in Guestbook, Comment Function etc.


The last few months we have been having problems with the IP block in some of our Extras.
We have fixed the problem on Friday!

An IP block prevents users making many entries to your guestbook, for example, with the same IP within a short amount of time. This should protect your guestbook from spam, for example.
You should be able to make an entry to the guestbook every 30 minutes. If you try to make an entry before the 30 minutes are over, you will get the following message:
"An entry to the guestbook is only possible every 30 minutes!"

This block hasn't been working properly the last few months and because of this, the message "An entry to the guestbook is only possible every 30 minutes!" appeared when wanting to make a second guestbook entry, even after many hours.
The bug affected a number of Extras.

Here is a list of all the Extras with the IP block and duration of it (which now works properly):
- comments: 5 minutes
- guestbook: 30 minutes
- surveys: 1 hour
- rankings: 2 hours
- list of links: 30 minutes

Many Greetings!
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