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Сообщение04.06.2014 в 15:33 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: Time is now correct


we have released another improvement:
From now on any displayed time on your website, here in the forum and in the login area, will be adjusted to the person visiting your website.

If someone, for example, makes a guestbook entry 12:00 German time, a visitor from Germany will see 12:00 as the time of the guestbook entry (logical).

If someone from England reads the guestbook entry, he will see 11:00 as the time of the guestbook entry because from Germany to England the time shift is -1 hour.

We have chosen this solution because in our opinion the visitors will be least confused.
(If the English visitor reads a guestbook entry that has been written one hour "in the future" it could confuse him).

Many greetings!
Benjamin Lochmann
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