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Сообщение26.02.2016 в 13:54 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: Cropping images after upload

Dear users,

we published a new feature many of you have been desperately waiting for:
Cropping images after uploading them. That’s especially useful for headers and logos. Also, you can rotate and mirror images!

You’ll find the new features when uploading an image on a site, or in the design settings – basically anywhere it makes sense to crop an image after uploading it (header, logo). Additionally, you can set a maximum size wherever it’s not otherwise specified.

To get an idea of how that works, here’s a short video to illustrate the process:

The image upload under “Images” won’t change, so you can keep uploading your images as usual. Please note that previously uploaded images cannot be cropped.

Have fun with the new feature, looking forward to your feedback!

Benjamin Lochmann
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