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Сообщение26.09.2012 в 12:13 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: "Replace Layer by Pop-Under" Function Removed


For some time Homepage-Konstruktor.ru had the function to replace the layer advertisement on your pages for 7 days with pop-under ads. After these 7 days you could log into Homepage-Konstruktor.ru again and activate the pop-under for another 7 days, instead of activating the layer.

We are currently working on the code for Homepage-Konstruktor.ru and on creating a more clearly arranged face of Homepage-Konstruktor.ru.

Therefore we have removed this function today.

Before doing so, we analyzed how many users used this function actively. The share was very small (less than 0.05% of all users). The impressions of the pop-under were also very small (about 50 impressions per day).

Of course you still have the option of turning off the ads completely, by booking the premium package “Ad-free” for 2.90€ per month:


Сообщение19.10.2012 в 16:35 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: Why Blochman-ru keeps lying?

http://www.homepage-konstruktor.ru/ru/Premium/ - remains blanck since it was made and Premium Ad-free too, and Diactivate Ad disapeared already long ago, and pop-up ad close half of every page and unremovable (just re-directing), and permanent ad is not removable either (just redirecting) - and for all that Google excluded ru.gg sites from search results long ago (already several years and ru.gg lied to us again), and recently Yandex excluded (for the same) ru.gg sites from search results and ru.gg's Blochman-ru keeps lying about http://www.homepage-konstruktor.ru/ru/Premium/ and 'temporary' disapeared Ad-Diactivation etc...
Сообщение19.10.2012 в 16:51 (UTC)    
Заголовок сообщения: Why Blochman-ru keeps lying?

"Новый редактор содержит еще ряд ошибок. Потерпи еще немного. Мы устраняем их одну за одной!" - this frase promissing to Russian users of ru.gg to improve Editir and asking them meanwhile to wait a bit is already five years old still on front page of ru.gg's Edutor!
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